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Rick Stauffer
Blessed to have a life companion, Janet, who has courage enough to attend the reunion, sired three highly idiosyncratic kids (now adults) whom I love and of whom I am very proud, attended a good law school where I was able to learn a lot by osmosis, held appointive offices in Maine State government for a few years and served a year with the Democratic National Committee, worked at the same law firm for more than a quarter century, served on the Goodwill Industries board (and in various officer capacities) on an on-and-off basis for most of that time,
became more concerned about money than I thought I would (but less so than most of my professional colleagues), regret my limited capacity to stay in touch with old friends,
played a lot of pick-up basketball with low skills and much devotion, surfed whitewater kayaks off of Maine beaches (to the alarm and dismay of the defenseless who only wanted to swim), lately graduated to running and reading, always wrestle with bios and studiously avoid any revealing answers
Carol Telaski Lincoln
Freedoon (Fred) Tamjidi

Do you remember me? I am Freedoon (Fred) Tamjidi, affectionately known at THS (63-65) as "The Camel Jockey" (admittedly, politically incorrect by today's standards) since I landed at THS straight from Iran. I got tired of Freedoon after many of you responded "what what?" when hearing my name so I decided to delete the first what and became Fred. I got my BS in Electrical Eng from U of A and stayed on to get my MS as well. Started my engineering career in AZ, then NM, and eventually ended up in S. CA where I met my darling wife Patricia. I soon became a GM of a power electronics firm in S. CA which led me to Ohio where I started my own company after a long career in executive positions making bar charts for too many presidents & COOs (I decided I am tired of making them look good). The company specializes in power transfer switches to maintain power to sensitive electronics like major computer systems of major financial/banking corps or process controls at major industrial firms. I globe trot to sell our products all over the world, but my wife and I are busy raising our two sons Nicholas, 9 and Cameron, 7 in a suburb of Cleveland. I am both saddened and shocked to learn about how many of our classmates have passed away, many of whom I knew well and cared about. I look forward to hearing from you guy and girls. I have very fond memories of THS and U of A years.
Humberto Teran
Kristin Larson Teran
Valerie VanDerAa Friel
It's been a quick 40 years, I seem to have lost a bunch of time, maybe 20 years in the middle. The first and the last ten years have been wonderful. I have two beautiful daughters and two businesses. My oldest daughter, Debbie, lives in Phoenix. I run an adult disability home 24-7. I care for three girls, one of them is my youngest, Lindsy. I also have an electrolysis studio. Yes, we all work too much, but what fun life can be if we let it.
Edna Vogel Doty

Was married 33 years, Two wonderful sons: Russell (Rusty& Lisa) Doty - He is a Vice Principal at Sabino. Morgan (5) Cameron (2) Christopher (Chris&Terrie)-works for Intell. Alexandra (9). I am a First Grade Teacher at Sierra Vista School, Roosevelt School District
I have a third life and do not intend on retiring.


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