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Mickey Roth and Mike Margolis
at Mike's wedding.
Tom Rowe

I never completed high school but after my discharge from the army I had the GI bill and attended the University of Washington for six years and then Washington State University where I eventually earned my PhD in clinical psychology. For the past twenty plus years I have been in independent practice in the town of Wenatchee in north central Washington state.

I have been with my wife Judy for 33 years (married 27) and we still have fun. Together we have two bright and beautiful daughters both now in college. I am spending a little less time at work now and more time in outdoor recreation. I have been blessed with good health and still hike, backpack, row my boat, flyfish and ski. With the girls now in college, Judy and I also have more time for travel.

Life has been good to me, especially considering all adolscent angst and nagative karma I generated while at THS. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and thanks for all your time and effort in maintaining the web site. Your fellow Badger, Tom Rowe

Linda Russell Parris

I stayed in Tucson after high school and now cannot seem to get away. I guess there are worse places to live than here. I worked in the Forensic Division, Evidence Unit at the Tucson Police Department and retired in June of 2003. Since retirement I have done some traveling to the Midwest, California, Mexico, Hawaii and Costa Rica. A trip to Ireland is being planned for next year.
Bev Salgado

Forty years! No way!! It seams like just yesterday I was falling asleep in Mr. Follett's Science class. Anyway….
I returned to Tucson in 1994 and retired from Southwest Airlines in December, 2001 after 25 years of service. It was a great job, I met many wonderful people, and lived in several lovely cities including Dallas, Houston, Albuquerque and Phoenix (Ugh!) Retired life is terrific and I highly recommend it for everyone!
I now spend my time doing substitute teaching in TUSD, Jury Research whenever called, and I am active in my Lutheran Church. My home in Rita Ranch and my 3 dogs also happily occupy much of my time.
My Mother passed away on May 6 of this year. She was 86 and had suffered from strokes and Alzheimer's for several years so it was somewhat of a blessing when the Lord called her Home. I now look after my Dad who is 85 and living alone for the first time in 62 years. God has been very good to me and I feel very blessed to have had my parents this long.
I still fly free on Southwest but don't travel frequently anymore. My next trip will be to the New England States with Wanda Gentry. We will be celebrating her recent retirement. We can't wait.
I am extremely excited about our upcoming 40th Reunion and am very anxious to see everyone!!
Bob Saxon

After high school, I attended the U of A and graduated in 1969 with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with minors in Science/History/PE. Additionally, I have a M.Ed. in History Education in 1975 and an Administrative Degree in 1982. While in college, I was on the UA track team, was President of Sigma Delta Psi Athletic Fraternity, and a member of Delta Chi.
After college, I took a job in Lancaster, CA, teaching science and coaching all sports (football, basketball, baseball and track) at a junior high. I married Vicki, who I met while life guarding at the U of A pool in the summer of 1969. After 3 years in Lancaster, Ollie Mayfield called and asked if I would like to work at a new high school - Sahuaro High School - and was hired as a History Teacher and Head Track Coach. I retired after 30 years in 1999, having taught 28 different subjects in History, Government, Science, PE and developed a Drop-out Prevention program that worked, as well as teaching Behind-the-Wheel driving (just to get my heart pounding!). My boy's track team won 115 meets while losing only 15 in the 13 years that I coached. They also won 6 Southern Division Relays and 2 Division Championships. I really enjoyed teaching/coaching and had the opportunity to be associated with a great number of fine young men and women. Last year I was inducted into the Sahuaro High School Hall of Fame.
My wife, Vicki, was also a teacher (Business/computers). We were blessed with a beautiful daughter in 1975, Robyn, who is now a bank officer/mortgage loan coordinator in Phoenix. Robyn attended Sahuaro and participated in track, volleyball and cheerleading. Robyn married Chad Krumbach (from Nebraska) and the newest member of our family is an absolutely lovely granddaughter, Caleigh, who was born on Vicki's birthday in 2004.
We were lucky enough to be able to travel the world (all 7 continents by 2002). Our travels include Antarctica, gorilla trekking in Rwanda, cruising the Nile and sitting on the great pyramid, walking on the Great Wall of China, driving across Europe, exploring the Galapagos Islands, touring Iceland, hiking in Machu Picchu, photo safaris in Kenya and Tanzania, and scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We have also been fortunate enough to ride the bullet trains in Japan and through the Chunnel and fly the Concorde to London.
After retirement, we bought a business, BadgeMan, which keeps us and our employees busy as the business has grown tremendously since we purchased it 6-1/2 years ago. We supply badges, plaques and promotional and gift items throughout the US, Mexico and Canada.
Interests include: sports, collecting autographs, traveling, mountain bike riding, photography and scuba diving.
The 1965 State Champion mile-relay record at THS is still held by Fred Nelson, Doug Trego, Greg Seals & me!
Taylor Scanlon

Many of you might remember that I chased butterflies and girls before college. At the UofA I quickly learned that the two don't mix - so I got into the computer business that led to the semiconductor business. Along the way, I learned that some girls didn't understand computer geeks either, as witnessed by the fact that the enjoyable time I spent at the THS65 10-year reunion would be the last appearance with my first wife.
So I spent the next 15 years on a global search for the truth about Mars and Venus and finally found a women who was truly "out-of-this-world." Lucy encouraged me to start a family at the ripe age of 45 and today we have a great 13-year-old son named Sean. We recently moved to Dallas having spent the last 20 years in Silicon Valley. I guess you call me an entrepreneur today, as I have the great fun of running startup technology companies using other people's money to try to invent cool stuff.


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