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James Mueller

After I graduated from high school, I attended the University of Arizona and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I have been an engineer ever since, working for a variety of companies and the U of A. I've lived in Tucson the whole time.
Not too long after graduating from the U of A, I met Judy. We were married in 1972. We have been married for 33 years and have four grown sons.
Besides being employed full time, I am also a Sunday School teacher, teaching grades 6, 7, and 8. Some of my former students now attend Tucson High Magnet School. So, even though I have lost contact with everyone I went to school with (being corrected with this web site and reunion, thanks Arnie), I know a few current students. Judy is a first grade assistant and on the days they don't have class, she helps in my class. We both also volunteer at our church to help students (of any age) who are having problems with their class work.
For a hobby, I enjoy anything related to electronics. I like restoring antique radios and am a life member of the Antique Wireless Association. Trains and airplanes are fascinating too.
My wildest dream is to write a webcomic about growing up in the 50s. This is intended to be a more realistic portrayal than the garbage they put in movies. Unfortunately, neither I nor anyone else in my family has the artistic ability to draw the pictures, sigh.

Fred Nelson

Fred has been Vice President and Forensic Director at Gervasio & Associates (Civil and Structural Engineers and Land Surveyors) since mid-1989. For the 12 years prior to that he was an employee/vice president with Hastain and Deatherage, where he learned principles of forensic engineering from a master engineer, James H. Deatherage. Prior to that time, he designed interstate highways with Dibble & Associates for 1-1/2 years and participated in the design and construction of nuclear power plants with Bechtel Power.
In his role as forensic engineer, he has walked through the debris of hundreds of collapsed and otherwise distressed buildings, and has designed repairs to many of them, notably buildings with large wood trusses; and he has testified over 100 times. He is also a bridge engineer, including two bridges of the Salt River in Maricopa County.
He grew up in Tucson, ultimately being graduated from Tucson High in 1965, where he ran track and anchored the 1965 AZ State Champion Mile Relay Team, with Bob Saxon, Greg Seals and Doug Trego. He attended BYU where he ran track and pursued engineering studies, interrupted by 2+ years in Mexico in 1966-68. He obtained his bachelor's and master's degree in Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering, respectively from BYU in 1972 and has done additional graduate studies at ASU.
In 1994, Fred became a member of the Phoenix Fire USAR FEMA team (AZ TF-1) and was part of the initial Oklahoma City rescue in 1995. He was also deployed with AZTF-1 to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics (on standby); the 2001 WTC collapse and the 2005 Hurricane Rita. He is currently the lead structural specialist at Phoenix Fire.
Fred has been President of the Arizona Society of Civil Engineers (the Arizona Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers) and is currently chairman of the Structural Engineers Emergency Response Committee of SEAOA (Structural Engineer's Association of Arizona).
While at BYU, he met and married Barbara Brinton of Mesa, AZ and they had four children. Barbara suffered many years from multiple sclerosis, ultimately succumbing on September 27, 1996. He remarried Lorraine Mosdell, and together, they have 8 (Brady Bunch) children (7 married) and 10 grandchildren with 2 more on the way. He has a daughter at U of A Law School; a son at Gonzaga Law School and another daughter is a Ph.D. candidate at Tuft's University in Boston.
In his spare time, he rides a road bicycle (usually at 5:00 A.M.) and frequently rides over 200 miles per week...and has done the Tour de Tucson the past 5 years.
Harvey Nevins

Barbara Noack Perez

Judy Olsen Taylor

I can't wait to see everyone. I've loved reading about what all everyone is doing now. I guess I had so much fun reading about everyone else, I forgot to write. I realize that you've put the book together already, but thought I'd send this off before I forget again. No pictures at this point because as my children remind me, I am very technologically challenged.
After graduation from THS, I went to the UofA and received a teaching dgree. I moved to California to teach in Newport Beach and have been in Orange County ever since.I met my husband Paul here, and we have raised our three children and one very spoiled black lab mix here. Paul owns a company that does CD, DVD, and video duplication.
After staying home with the kids for years,I am now happily teaching fourth grade in the neighborhood school, and sharing stories about Mr. Gump, Mrs. Booher, and Sam Hughes with my students. We spend our free time crisscrossing the country to visit our children and my 93 year dad in Tucson.
Our oldest son, Steve graduated from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, and then spent three years flying E-2 Hawkeyes off the Kitty Hawk in Japan. We had a wonderful family Christmas with him in Tokyo last December. He is now a Lt stationed at the White House. Can't wait to visit in the spring! Jeffrey, our middle son graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy, King's Point, New York in June and is an officer on cargo and container ships to Asia out of the Port of Los Angeles.He plans to see the world while he is young and single. Kristin graduated from the UofA in May, and moved to Chicago two weeks ago with her clothes and her convertible to live in a big city in another part of the country. We are taking bets as to how long our California girl will last in Chicago's winters! Needless to say, we are planning a trip to Chicago before it gets too cold!
I feel so fortunate to have grown up in Tucson and been a Badger. I have great memories of Sam Hughes, Mansfeld, and THS. Can't wait to see everyone.

Robert Polanco

Hi everybody,
It's been a long time since I've seen people from the class of '65, other than the friends that I hung around with in school and in our neighborhood back then. I primarily hung out with Jim Brown and Frank Barraza, both of the class of '65. I didn't graduate from Tucson High. Truthfully, I didn't graduate from high school at all (but I did graduate from Cal State Long Beach with My BA in Asian Studies much later). I left Tucson in October of '64, attended Carson High in California for a little while, and then went active duty in the Navy. Forget school!
The Navy gave me the training (aviation electronics) that I ended up earning a living with. I did three and a half years in the navy and 30 years as a Department of Defense civilian (Electronics Tech), retiring in May of 2002. Since the wife unit (Cecilia Leeth, class of '64 Pueblo High) hasn't retired yet, I decided to take a contractor position with DoD, till she retires.
We've done a lot of traveling for the government since '65, mostly in the Far East, with our son Robert and daughter Andrea. We enjoyed 10 years in Asia. As a matter of fact, at the last reunion I expected to be the one coming from the farthest away…but Pauline Williams came from Australia, a little further than Iwakuni, where I was living at the time (near Hiroshima Japan ).
I did spend enough time in the USA to get my BA, but I've loved Asia since I can't remember when, and intend to go back when Cecilia retires. At that time we're taking a year-long tour of Asia and Europe. Thank God Cecilia loves travel like I do. In the meantime, our travels are limited to going back and forth between Oceanside CA, where we live, and Tucson, where a lot of both our families live. I'm looking forward to attending the reunion. See you all there.
See ya in October,
Ray Poliakoff
Wanda Pruitt Gentry
Charlie Roe,
outstanding in his field

Twenty years ago I submitted chapter one of my autobiography for your reading pleasure. I now submit chapter two.
Briefly, in chapter one I informed you that after THS I enrolled at the U of A ( 10 year plan ) and became a Professional Rodeo Cowboy, truck driver, Rodeo Clown, farmer and husband. Well, I am still a farmer and husband. When my wife, Nancy, turned 40 she got middle aged crazy and decided to get her Ph. D. in horticulture. She had been out of school for 15 years but she was always a good student ( unlike myself ). We sold the Texas farm and moved to Gainesville, FL, home of the UF Gators on Christmas Day 1989. She finished her Thesis and got her Ph.D. in January of 1991. During that time in Gainesville I took up the game of Cow Pasture Pool ( golf ) and got involved in officiating High School football.
We moved to South Florida ( Boynton Beach ) in February of 91 where Nancy did a Post Doc at Green Cay Farms ( a 300 acre pepper farm ). I continued the football officiating and also added High School Baseball and Softball to my resume, while working as a HVAC controls salesman. We stayed in Florida until the Summer of 95, when Nancy took a job with Texas A & M as a vegetable specialist with the Extension Service. At last I could retire and just officiate high School sports and play golf. My retirement lasted five years and my golf handicap went down to a 7.
That's when Nancy finally got fed up with the bureaucracy of working for the State of Texas university system. As they say, timing is everything. The man that owns Green Cay Farms decided that he wanted to retire and called and asked if we would like to come back and farm on his property. So we loaded up the truck and moved to Boynton Beach. So much for my retirement.
We have been farming at Green Cay now for almost 6 years ( check out our website ). My handicap has gone to 14 and I now do NCAA Division 1 Softball along with all the High School Sports. Our daughter Wendy got married in 2000 and we now have two wonderful grandchildren that we visit every chance we get.We still go to Tucson every Christmas, as even though my immediate family has all passed on, Nancy's mom and one sister still live there and she has another sister that lives in Casa Grande. I am looking forward to seeing a lot of old classmates at this years reunion if for no other reason, just to tell them I wished I'd got to know them better at good old THS.
Looking forward to writing chapter three for our 60th reunion.
Linda Romine Nultemeier

Dennis Nultemeier (class of '65) and I married in 1966 and I worked for the City of Tucson until my first son, Steve, was born in 1968. Another son, Scott, came along in 1971. Dennis and I divorced in 1984; we have four granddaughters, ranging in age from 4 to 15. Over the years I have worked for the City of Tucson, the University of Arizona, TUSD, and was the Employment Coordinator for Tucson Electric Power Company for 17 years. In 1996, I took the Voluntary Severance Program from there and, guess what? I'm back working for the University of Arizona - this time in the Office of the Vice President for Research, Graduate Studies, and Economic Development. I met my current husband, Wolfgang, in 1987 and we married in 2003 (took 16 years to decide to take a chance on marriage again -- wanted to make sure this time, ha!). Wolf enjoys skiing so I tried it (I'm no good at that) and at one time, we were certified scuba divers. In his younger years, Wolf also sky-dived but I told him there was no way I was going to jump out of a plane! We've slowed down a bit and our current hobbies are dancing, reading (which I always loved), gardening, and traveling. We have been on a cruise to Puerto Rico, San Juan and St. Thomas, to Hawaii once, and on a whirlwind 3-week trip with friends to Spain, England, Morocco, and Munich, Germany for an Oktoberfest. Wolf is from Bavaria and I'd like to go back to southern Germany someday - it was beautiful and GREEN! I'm enjoying reading about everyone and am looking forward to the reunion and seeing everyone again. Take care.
Frank Ross

The most significant thing that has happened to me in the last 10 years is that I had the opportunity in the Summer of 2003 to go with my two grown children :Troy and Kymberly- and my son-in-law :Dominic-to Recife , Brazil to meet a large side of my family that I had never met before. I met 13 cousins about my age most of them now married . I also met a bunch of beautiful nieces and nephews -plus I reunited with my two aunts ,whom I had known for many years already , and was wonderful to visit with them again. Tons of pictures were taken, much life was shared, music was played, jokes were told, cultures were compared and delicious Brazilian food was consumed by all.
As you can imagine, much of our family history was shared , and I found out details about how my mother (a native Brazilian) met my father , where they actually got married and how it all came about . I never had known that story until then. Plus , many other family stories. I gotta say between my aunt Tenny -who speaks perfect English- and me (I will say immodestly that my Portuguese was awfully good) we were able to serve as translators for the family .
Prices in Brazil were very low by our standards. It was a two-week trip and one of the weekends was spent in beautiful Porto de Galinhas : a quaint, little beach resort which had immaculate, clean sands, warm waters, charming little streets and simply spectacular sunsets.
One of my fondest memories is sitting with my children and son-in-law late into the night, laughing, playing spades, and drinking little fruit drinks and Brazilian snacks in the patio of our motel overlooking the beach, as we heard the gentle crashing of the waves under starlit nights. There is no better feeling.
I just received news (May 2, 2005) that I am going to be a grandfather in October, 2005!! My daughter Kym , is expecting and all's well so far . She and Dominic now live in Santa Barbara , California having just come back from an 18 month spectacular trip around the world: first through S. America: including Costa Rica , Ecuador, Chile , Brazil , Peru and Guatemala - later back to the USA , then on to New Zealand , Australia , Thailand, Sri Lanka , India , Lebanon , and countries in Europe . It's one of those dreams come true People only talk about wanting to travel: they actually DID it, and are the richer for it. Troy, my son, lives in Whittier, California
Not all is wine and roses ...I have had my share of disappointments in relationships, after my divorce, and still search for a special lady in my life. Presently, I continue to play music with The Street Minstrels here in Tucson ...we've been together for 20 years. I am also back to teaching tennis, and occasionally tutoring university students in Spanish.
See you guys in October!!


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