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Greg Marquardt

Greg Marquardt after 1965. My passion for the printing industry took me from Otis Chidester's printing classes at THS to Pittsburgh State University, Pittsburgh, KS. Spent about 4 yrs. there wooing my future wife, Cynthia. We celebrated our 35th anniversary with a Caribbean cruise, hence the tux in the picture. Our 2+ yrs. Army time had us in Kentucky and Germany. Then we settled in Kansas City, where I worked various jobs and businesses, and still do.

Currently I'm with Fred Pryor/CareerTrack, Cyd with State Farm. Trips to see family, church work, motorcycle rides and yard work take good parts of our time. Our daughter Heather, her husband and our 2 granddaughters are in Layton, Utah as tax director for Autoliv. Our son Noah, his wife and our grandson are in S. Carolina as an F-18 pilot with the USMC. Just found out about the reunion, and unfortunately don't know that we can make it, but we'll see what the summer brings. I would love to get back to Tucson. My folks moved from there while I was at college (they tried to sneak away from me, but I caught them in Wisconsin), so haven't had opportunity to get back. I have a picture of the Catalina Mountains on my computer wallpaper to keep the memories fresh.

Mike Margolis

After THS, graduated U of A, with Bachelor of Architecture in 1972. Joined the Arizona National Guard in 1967 while in college. Lew Place of Place & Place Architects, gave me my first job. Became a registered Architect in 76'. I have spent the last 33 years working on a Billion and a half dollars worth of projects, as Architect or Construction Manager. Projects have been all over the country, and including hospitals, health care, medical research facilities, school and university work, courthouses, prisons, military research facilities, and micro-electronic / research and computer chip manufacturing facilities. The last several years, have included private development and commercial real estate investment. Presently, I am the Architect for Chung & Associates, and work at Davis-Monthan AFB, on Air Force and DOD projects. .
I Married Lida Haden after a 9 year courtship - - my first and her second. I was always a little slow in this area. She tells me there is still much work left to done. I enjoy marriage (married about 4+ months now!) and my grand children Haden and Haley. Lida is a Registered Sales Assistant at Morgan Stanley, and also my real estate investment partner. Hobbies include history, travel, and firearms, along with collecting & restoring WWII Military Vehicles. Look for us along with the grand children in this year's Veteran's Day parade. We will be driving my 1943 Ford Jeep along with a convoy of WWII vehicles along with the Tucson Battle of the Bulge Veteran's Group.
Derry Matheson

For any who may be interested, I retired from teaching photography and ceramics at Westwood High school in Mesa, Arizona 5 years ago. I now live in Provo, Utah and keep busy with volunteer work mostly for my church. Since moving to Provo I have taught religion classes on the campus of UVSC and BYU. For those who are not familiar with Utah, UVSC has more students than BYU. I am sure some of you have heard of BYU but I doubt if you have heard of Utah Valley State College.
I have five children of which the first three were adopted. When I turned 40 my wife got pregnant for the first time. I guess you could say we were slow learners or maybe I didn't pay good enough attention in health classes at THS. I somewhat remember the teacher of health but not his name. I always thought of him as one of the "old" coaches. Maybe some of you might remember him.
My last adopted child's biological mother is deaf and so my son. As a result we have also been involved with the deaf culture for 20 years and have used sign language in our home for that whole time. I guess having a deaf son has helped create an interest in languages. I have a hobby of studying biblical Hebrew.
For those who let in warmer climates like Arizona I will tell you have it snowed on me this morning as I took out the garbage but the snow was not sticking. We live on the side of a mountain and the snow level is only a few hundred above our house right now. It is only 15 minutes from our house to Sundance ski lifts. During the winter the Provo Canyon is the home of ice climbing and is rated number one in the nation. Last year the international paragliding had their competition and they sailed over our house. One got caught in a tree not far up Rock Canyon which is in easy walking distance from our house. A helicopter had to rescue him from the cliff because he couldn't be reached on foot. Rock Canyon has some of the best rock climbing in Utah. If any of that sounds interesting to you, you are welcome to come to Provo and we will do our best to show you around.
Emily McGuire Adorable

Andy and I are celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary in June 2005. We have lived in Santa Clara, California at 2106 Morrison Avenue since 1973 and are lucky enough to have both of our daughters AND grandson close by. Our oldest daughter, Lorrie is an Electrical Engineer -married five years and produced our grandson, Benjamin, on August 23, 2004. He is the light of our lives!! Jennie, our youngest, majored in Exercise Physiology and is hoping to enter the world of real work soon, if the economy will allow it. I am an elementary principal in Milpitas, CA and Andy will retire from Lockheed Martin in January 2006. I will probably put in another four years before retiring.
Since the 30th reunion I did get involved in some politicking and served on the Santa Clara Board of Education for eight years. Actually through our grassroots campaign in 1992, we threw out all seven members of the Board and fired a superintendent who would have been the downfall of Santa Clara Unified. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion and reliving our Sam Hughes, Mansfeld and THS days!!
Phillip Montes

Some may remember me as the lead guitarist from the rock band "Lil Tater & the Spuds" among others. Shortly after high school I was with a rock group that toured the Midwest, actually in the cities of Chicago & Detroit. The highlight then was playing on the same shows with Mitch Ryder, Lovin Spoonfuls, The Beachboys & even the Rolling Stones.
I then served time with the U.S. Army 1967-1970 as a Ranger in Vietnam (Americal & the 1/75th Rangers). Returning back to Tucson, I was once again a student, graduating from the U of A
I met the love of my life, Becky, and after a couple of years ,married in 1979. Becky had attended school in Nogales, AZ & college here in town. We have 2 wonderful children (young men), Andres & Gabriel. Our oldest, Andres runs his own music entertainment business & now producing music for upstart rap artists. Gabriel is a senior at Flowing Wells High School & has been a percussionist with the marching band since his freshman year.
I am looking at retirement within the next couple of years having worked as an Investigator within State Government.
I am working hard with my guitar focusing on smooth jazz & blues. So should you someday walk into some dimly lit lounge & hear some wicked sounds coming from an older man with a large hat, shades & Hawaiian shirt...that could be me.
Furthermore, you may need to be in some coastal city to catch this act as that is the plan.

Cissy Montiel Peace

Bio info? Hmmmm. Maybe a little. I'm a social worker for Christian Family Care Agency. I love the Lord and my husband, whom I have been married to for almost 25 years and we have twin daughters who graduated from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA. My husband is a pilot and worked for international airlines and we lived overseas (Middle East) and traveled extensively when the girls were younger.

A joy for me was meeting up with Vicki (Fritz) Jurado and Peggy Tate at our church Pantano Christian after many years. They are great ladies and I love them even though we don't see each other as much as I'd like.I just got a digital camera but I don't know how to use it. Anyway, it's just me with grey hair and a few more pounds.
I'll be looking forward to seeing you. Have a wonderful day and God bless.
Cissy Montiel


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