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Martin Wagner
I left Tucson High for Princeton where I ended up staying for ten years of school, graduate school and my first real job. I then moved to Washington, DC and have been there with the federal government ever since. I have worked in various parts of it on a wide range of issues. At one time or another I have worked on the environment, energy, telecommunications, technology policy, computers and general management. These days I am working on getting the government to be more responsive and efficient using technology—what is sometimes called electronic government. I am married to Elizabeth Cotsworth and we have three daughters. Ariel is 22 and going into the Peace Corps in Mali next month. Julia is 20 and a sophomore in college and Kelsey is 14 and in the tenth grade. I have not been around Tucson much since high school, but I look forward to seeing you again and reconnecting.
Janie Watson Netzorg


Daughter Alison, Janie.
Nephew, son Grant, husband Skip.


The above photos were taken at my daughter, Alison’s wedding last August. My son, Grant, is in the middle of the photo with his cousin and my husband, Skip. We live in a suburb of Denver where Skip practices law and I am in property management. I was sorry to have missed the last reunion but have loved getting in touch with everyone on this very special reunion website.

Paula Wendler Warren

Happily retired after 20 years as deputy treasurer for Gloucester County, Virginia. Married to my current husband for 34 years? Good lord. Two children, 1 grandson who's 10 now. Just think, in 9 years he'll be older than me. Enjoy gardening, playing in the water, and my pets: 3 dogs, 2 cats & 1 green-wing Macaw. Love the Virginia summers, but winters will be spent staring at A Mountain - just one more year to go for that to start happening.
Jeff Younggren
(Ed note: Jeff is having a terrible mid-life crisis...please do not allow your mouse to run over his recent picture. He forced me into this.)

Waist 33 inches, Chest 40 Inches, Weight 173 pounds, full head of hair, no wrinkles, all teeth in place, not forgetful (yet), biologically regular, thong size DD.
I am currently a forensic psychologist who practices in California. My wife Laurie and I have two children, Brad, who is an emergency medicine doctor currently serving in Iraq with the Army, and Beth Ann, a medical malpractice attorney who also works in California. We have lived in California for thirty years and I have had a private practice for twenty-five of those years. I am on the faculty of UCLA School of Medicine and recently retired from the Army Reserves after 33 years of service.
My hobbies are antique cars and traveling, and I have never recovered from the fact that Chris Moffett liked Taylor Scanlon more than she liked me during high school." (Ed note: With good reason).

Irene Yslas Pesqueira


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