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Jeff Adelstone
Ruth Wilcox Adelstone

After receiving his Bachelor's degree from the U of A in 1969, Jeff Adelstone began his firm, The AFS Tax & Planning Group, while he completed the requirements for his Master's degree (1971). The firm specializes in income tax preparation, accounting and financial planning in the Tucson marketplace, and is completing its 36th year in business.
The last forty years have proven to be very good! During our junior years at the University, Jeff and I got married over Easter Break. Three years later, our first child was born, and that was followed in succeeding years with the birth of two more children, completing our immediate family of five. We also provide a home to our four dogs.
We are fortunate in having all three of our daughters living in Tucson, so we have the opportunity to spend quite a bit of our time with our five grandchildren! Our oldest daughter is an Assistant Principal at Flowing Wells Junior High; our youngest teaches 6th grade at Walter Douglas Elementary School, and our middle daughter is a patrol officer for the Tucson Police Department. Two of our daughters are married with children of their own, and the youngest is available. (If any of you have nice unmarried young sons who are looking, perhaps you might want to play matchmaker?).
Over the years, one of the things that Jeff & I enjoyed doing most was traveling. We have visited Europe on five or six separate occasions, hitting most of the countries on that continent at least once. In the Middle East, we have visited Israel, Egypt and Turkey. Among our more exotic locations over the years have been visits to Australia, the Scandinavia, Greece, Tahiti, Japan, Aruba, Morocco, China and a year ago, an exotic safari in Africa. Some years back, we purchased a timeshare on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, and as a result, we usually visit the islands every other year, trading our time in alternate years for other exotic locations.
We have already booked our vacation for next Spring, and will take a 14 day cruise from the States to Rome, Italy. From there, we will add on an additional week and visit Barcelona, Spain and then Vienna, Austria. We're looking forward to this trip very much!
Since 1969, I have worked helping Jeff in our business, The AFS Tax & Planning Group. Most recently, I am working as a volunteer for CASA as a Court Appointed Special Advocate. I represent the interests of foster children before the court .k It is a very interesting job and I am thankful that the circumstances allow me to volunteer my time in this endeavor, as the work is most rewarding!
As to the future, I have only one real hope-that the next 40 years turn out to be as good as the last!

Adkins, Raymond Joseph Jr.
(AKA - Jay)

Where to begin after 40 years …?
After THS, I went to the U of A. I had chosen to pursue a major in Chemistry and attended the Chem major orientation during the first week at the U. After seeing all 4 years mapped out on the handouts. Year 1 - Chem, Chem, Math, Math. 2 - Chem, Chem, Math, Math, Math. 3 and 4 - Chem, Math, Math, Math, Math. I ran out of there screaming and straight to the Biology Department. That is where I stayed. But, what can you do with a degree in Zoology in the years when the Draft was waiting for me.
After college, I signed up for the US Navy and flew airplanes for awhile. No Vietnam tours. Closest I got was North Island in San Diego.
After returning to Tucson, I married Patty Berger, a Salpointe graduate I met through Camp Wildcat when at the UofA. I worked in retail sales for Steinfelds before getting a teaching job at St. Peter and Paul School on Campbell. Couldn't afford to work in a parochial school for long. After that it was 7 years working at Flowing Wells before moving to the PacNW to finish my masters at Seattle University. I got a job working up there in Seattle and stayed in the area for about 20 years before moving back to Tucson to take care of Dad before he died in December 2000. Divorced in 1983. I had the kids (3) living with me in a house on Whidbey Island.
My career moved into Financial Planning, which helped me put the 3 kids through college. But, when I moved back to Tucson I decided to go back to teaching. I taught Biology at Sabino for a little while and then jumped at the chance to teach at our alma matter. I have been teaching Biology and Chemistry ever since. I developed an activist streak so I served on the Board of Directors of the Tucson Education Association for 5 years, was elected as Facilitator and Chair of the THMS Site Council, and helped write a $4.6 million grant for Tucson High. I am Coordinator of the Grant, so I am not teaching classes for the next two school years.
Kids: Paul - 34 on November 2 (living in New York City and working for ), John - 32 (a commercial bank officer in Tucson) and Aurora - 27 (counselor for University of Phoenix living in Phoenix).

Charlie Anderson

Hi, I'm Charles Anderson, I've been married to Nonine for 37 years, have a daughter Chrisie, 35, and a grand-daughter Cydney who is 5. My son-in-law Craig owns an auto repair shop in Tucson. I graduated from Eastern Arizona Junior College and the University of Arizona.
I have worked many jobs over the years but settled on being a teacher and coach. Also, I officiate volleyball and basketball in Tucson. Have been doing all of this for about 25 years and continue to do so. I also worked for the Tucson Toros (now Sidewinders) and Colorado Rockies. Known to many ball players and kids as "Coach".
In the summers I work at the Tucson Racquet Club (owned and operated by Bill Selby's family) during summer, teaching racquetball to kids ages 7-17. Have been there about 13 years.
Still keep in touch with a number of grads, people like Palmieri, Saxon, Adelstone and others.
Kudos to Arnie, Ileen, Wanda, Linda for their efforts. Looking forward to seeing folks that I haven't seen for quite a while.
Bruce Baker

Melonie and I have been married 16 years. For ten of those years I was semi-retired running an Electrical Engineering Consulting business out of my home. During those years I had some interesting jobs overseas. One was building a Mill in central China and another was in Usbekistan. I married Melonie in the Philippines and we lead an active life together. She got a nursing degree as a care giver (PCA) and is working part time at an assisted living facility. One of her hobbies is Hula Dancing. She has performed all over the State.

I missed playing with all the interesting new technology and decided last year to return to work full time when I was offered a job working at a product development company near Green Valley. (Made me an offer I couldn't refuse.) There, I am responsible for electrical engineering, instrument engineering, Computer/LAN support, programming, new equipment design (AutoCad) and serve as their Power Distribution Electrician as well. Melonie and I are Scuba Divers and one of my hobbies is Underwater Video Photography. We built a house in the Philippines last year and dive there regularly. We have also dove in Costa Rica, Cozumel, Beleise, Bonaire, Bermuda, Florida, and we are headed for Bali this year. Recently we sold our boat and bought ATV's. We like to camp out and travel. In 2002 we spend 2 months exploring Alaska. In 2000 we finished building an earth sheltered home here in Tucson which we designed ourselves and did a large part of the construction ourselves.


Shannon Ballard

I've changed! Not as much as one might think, but without a doubt, there have been visible changes in the container (body) that I occupy. In looking at the pictures posted on Arnie's THS sites, it's obvious that all of us have experienced physical changes. Of course our body does not relate to, or represent our essence or our soul. Our body doesn't determine if we are a good or moral person. My body is the vessel and tool that allows me to accomplish my life goals. The body I was born with served me well. The problem was, I have wanted to be, or knew that I should have been a female, for as long as I can remember. In our society we transsexuals learn at a very early age, that it is not acceptable for us to vary from the gender behaviors that are expected of us. I genuinely enjoyed major portions of my life while pretending to be male however, I was constantly aware that I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FEMALE! This incongruity caused major stress. Like most transsexuals, I ultimately reached the stage where I could no longer function in life. Every waking minute of every day was spent being depressed because I had to repress and hide my "true self". I have bored you with more information than anyone needed.

So, why am I telling you so much? Science has shown that a human's gender perception is determined before the age of three, and once determined it is immutable. After decades of fighting, I finally surrendered and followed the advice of a good team of helping professionals. I have been living full time as a female since 2002. A court order was issued in 2004 declaring me to be female. Early this year, my birth certificate was changed to show my true gender, and the Birth Certificate with the mistake was sealed. Of course I didn't have to tell my story to any of you. However, I now enjoy my life like never before. With the time I have left, I will live my already successful life to the fullest. That means no more hiding, or avoiding doing the things that I want to do. I am looking forward to seeing you at the reunion.

Frank Barraza
Becky Zavala

We were married in April of 1971 after graduation from UofA; Becky in education and Frank in Mechanical Engineering. We both got jobs in California and lived in the Placentia/Fullerton area for 10 years. We returned to Tucson in 1981. Becky recently retired from TUSD and Frank is still working for Raytheon in Tucson. We have two children Daniel 27, and Anna 24

Toni Barthels Schwarting

Upon graduating with a degree in Special Education from the U of A, I married my high school sweetheart. Steve Schwarting (THS class of '64) and I were married in Tucson on May 23, 1969. We moved to Albuquerque, NM where he earned a medical degree from the University of New Mexico. I taught school there for two years before our twin sons, John and Ted were born in 1971. We spent three years in Wichita during Steve's residency and while there, another son, Scott, was added to our family. After two years in the Navy in Charleston, SC we were finally ready to settle down. Since Steve was born and partially raised in Kansas, we settled in Abilene, Kansas; a small town of approximately 8,000 people. It was here that our daughter Annie was born in 1978. We have four children, two daughters-in-law, (with anothr son getthing marreind next summer) and three grandchildren, ages 7, 6, and 1.
I was a stay-at-home mom for many years until the pastor of our church approached me about serving in a new position that he was creating. I accepted his offer and I now serve as the Director of Caregiving Ministries at my church. It is challenging and rewarding in many ways.
In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with our grandchildren, gardening, quilting, reading, and traveling.
If any of you are ever traveling through Kansas, we are on Interstate 70 that runs from Denver to Kansas City. We'd love to have you give us a call or stop by.
I have such fond memories of my growing up years in Tucson and especially of my four years at THS. All of you helped form these memories. My best to all of you.
John Bernal

My 20 year reunion write-up was fun looking at because I thought my two kids, Anthony (now 32) and Marisa (now 28), would both be THS grads. Anthony completed his freshman year at Tucson High but he and his sister graduated from St. Gregory High School in Tucson.
I moved on from 15 years with the federal and county governments and 6 years in private real estate development, to a presidential appointment under Bill Clinton to head up an agency in El Paso, Texas - the International Boundary and Water Commission, U.S. and Mexico. Yolanda (Yolanda Soto, THS class of '67) and I spent 7 years in El Paso before returning to Tucson in 2001. I now am the Deputy County Administrator for Pima County and enjoying life.
In a nutshell, after Tucson High and the U of A (Civil Engineering and MBA), I have spent 30 years in federal and local government and 6 years in the private sector. No serious retirement plans yet but I sure notice how many of my age group is enjoying "the next phase".
John Blackledge
Cleta McGee Blackledge

A missive from Cleta McGee Blackledge. About us - yes, John Blackledge and I got married and still are. John owned an international civil engineering firm based here in Dallas. He just sold it and retired from that phase of his life this past December. Now he's learning all about the stock market with great vigor. He still spends any available time on a motorcycle. The bike of choice at present is a Harley Sportster. He also just started taking flying lessons. Still crazy after all these years. I retired from the mental health field several years ago. Worked as a chemical abusecounselor and then with a psychiatrist specializing in multiple personality disorder. Now I spend my time volunteering at a place called Network of Community Ministry. An organization that helps folks with rent, utilities, food, bus fare, whatever. Last year we gave out over 350,000 pounds offood. I also volunteer at the International Sancuary of Exotic Animals ( We have 65 lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars,etc. It is an incredible experience.  
The picture - the big guy in the back is our oldest son Bill. He's a fireman/paramedic. Next to him is youngest child Brian, flicking his sister's arm. He's head of computer networking for MetLife in the southern region. The girl is middle child Brandy. She's an actress living in Sherman Oaks. Her next movie is the Tom Hanks production "Magnificent Desolation", an IMAX film about the space program coming out in September. And then of course, John and I.

Richard Breiman

After graduating from the U of A, I attended medical school at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). I then completed a surgical internship at Yale and a year of orthopedic surgery residency at the U. of California, San Diego, before switching to radiology, completing my training at Stanford. I was on the faculty at Duke before entering private practice in the San Francisco Bay area. I returned to academics at UCSF 4 1/2 years ago to teach, conduct research and clinical radiology. I recently became the director of UCSF's Center for Advanced Imaging Education.

I live in Alamo, CA, in the San Francisco East Bay, with my wonderful family, including my wife of 27 years, Leslie. Our 24-year-old daughter Lisa graduated from college in Denver with a degree in business. She recently returned home to pursue pre-med studies. Our 21-year-old son Michael is a junior at the U. of Colorado and is also a business major.

Alan Chesser

Like many of my THS friends, I launched directly into college after high school. A few years at the UofA, an income started sounding like a good idea so I hired on with the Telephone Co. Soon after, the Tucson Police Department was hiring and I applied. I'm now retired from the Department, having served as a Helicopter Pilot, Academy Instructor, Field Operations and Technical Support Supervisor; specializing in Procurement, Resource Management, Capitol Projects, Fleet Control and Occupational Health & Safety. Private endeavors have included Property Management, Crime Prevention Consultant, Private Investing, Board Member for Therapeutic Riding of Tucson, Chairman of the Tucson High Site-Based Leadership Council and Board member of the Southern Arizona Science and Engineering Fair. I became a Rotarian in 1987, served as Club President, and eventually as an Officer of Rotary International, Governor in the Southern AZ Region. Rotary interests and service projects have taken us to many countries on four continents.
Sharyn, my wife of 31 years, retired from TUSD after 32 years. She serves on the Tucson Zoological Society Board and the Catalina Rotary Club Board. As a nurse educator she is working with pregnant teens and coordinates the parenting program for Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services. Our two adult daughters are Tucson homeowners. Brendyn will complete her nurse practitioner graduate degree in May. Her husband Kevin is a Patrolman with the Tucson P.D. They met as undergraduates at Santa Clara University (San Jose, CA). Ceit ("Kate"), a classical guitarist and photographer, studied in Brazil for a year. She graduated from the UA with a degree in Biology and Evolutionary Ecology. She is a sales coordinator for Simmons Contact Furnishings. Both daughters are Badgers! We have hosted many exchange students and have "grandchildren" around the world. The family cats are Potter & Weasley … "The Wizards".


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