Frequently Asked Questions
(Constantly updated, never excelled)

Q. When was the 40th reunion?
A. Weekend of October 14, 15 and 16, 2005 and if you weren't there, you missed a fantastic weekend.

Q. Other than seeing my classmates, what did you do?
A. Not only free time to reconnect with old friends and teachers, but lots of entertainment and food.

New Question:
Q. I want to take away something tangible to remember this weekend by, waddya got?
A. We had a video photographer in attendance most of the time, to record the event. This will be most helpful for those who have to document and/or prove that you actually came to the event. The charge is $30 for that priceless memento in a DVD format. Let me know if you want a copy.

Q. What did it cost?
A. A mere $55 per person.

Q. Did you cheap people compile any kind of yearbook to distribute to the attendees?
A. Absolutely, What kinda reunion do you think we are runnin'? We did compile a Memory Book for everyone and passed it out Saturday evening. But the good thing is that I also put all the information and pictures on this website under the Then and Now pages . Anytime you wish, please send me a paragraph or two about yourself, your family, your job, your recent retirement, whatever. Please send it to ME , I'll add it to the Then and Now pages. Even if were not able to attend the reunion, I'll email the booklet to you, BUT, if you check the Then and Now pages, you will see that the entire Book is now on our website (the Webmaster has recently been advised to "Get a Life.")

Q. Who was there? I am looking for some of my old flames to live out my fantasies.
A. Here is who showed up, the list of attendees.

Q. I hear there were a few of our teachers in attendance.
A. Why, yes there were. The review of a few math principles and the Latin verb conjugation went well, no one fell asleep and there was a pop quiz late Saturday evening. Homework was collected and the grades will be posted shortly.
A. Additionally, several of our school administrators were there, so inappropriate behavior was not tolerated. Luckily, only the nerdy Webmaster was referred to Dean Roda for disciplinary action the following Monday morning for revealing his source code. (We had several undercover, retired law enforcement people in attendance and all the funny stuff we could come up with was fully demonstrated.)

Q. Now that it is over, is there any way to communicate and find about some of my old flames...ahhhh, errr, classmates?
A. Why yes there, glad you asked. If you are not a member of the THS-1965 Yahoo Group, go to Please sign-up to insure that you will receive the latest information and view the latest pictures. New pictures are being added all the time, so you can see how old some of you really look and how much you have aged. If you have any pictures from high school, junior high or even grade school, please post them to the Yahoo Group. If you don't know how, scan them and send to me....or if you want, just send them to me and I will scan, upload and return to you.

Q. BTW (By the way), I really like all these web pages with all the pictures and information, what happens to them after the Gala?
A. Gosh golly-gee, I'm glad you asked that as well. They will continue to be on the Internet as The Official Web Pages of the Tucson High School, Class of 1965. They will continue to be uploaded with pictures and information about our classmates.

Q. OMG (Oh my gosh), that is wonderful, thank you.
A.'s nothing.

Q. LOL (Laughing our loud)...have you always had this screwed up and demented sense of humor?
A. Yes I have, but working on this reunion has exacerbated it.

Kinda new question:
Q. Anything else happen as a result of working on the reunion?
A. Why yes, I have developed an acute case of Tourette's Syndrome, that is currently being treated by the family proctologist. Things are looking up, however.


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