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THS Sports Hall of Fame


Bob Saxon to be Inducted into the
T Club Foundation Hall of Fame

Pictured above:
Doug Trego, Greg Seals, Ollie Mayfield, Bob and Fred Nelson.


Induction ceremony will be Thursday, April 24th,
5:30 PM at THS.
Be there to support our class.




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In Memory of our Classmates Who Are No Longer With Us

What are Friends For?
Our Fantastic Reunions
Pictures from Our 30th Reunion
The Memory Book,
Our Classmates, Then and Now
Our Yahoo Group
Elementary School Class Pictures

Missing Classmates,
Can you help find them?

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Our 1965 Senior Class Pictures
Photo Album
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Items Available For Sale:

45th Reunion....nothin'.
40th Reunion (DVD format), $30 postage paid
20th Reunion (DVD format), $15 postage paid
White ceramic mugs from the 40th reunion, $7 each, postage paid; $3 each delivered to your door in Tucson

If you are interested, please let me know and I will send you the information.



Vendors For Our Reunions:

AARP Beltone
Preparation H Velcro Shoes
Filtered Seat Cushions Oops


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