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Comm. 24   Comm. 63 and Comm. 24
Our staff has set up the communications van and OASIS satellite communications trailer. The large dish antenna provides telephone and Internet connections in a remote location. This van is one of three in the state and is based at Los Alamitos.
Another view of the the OASIS trailer and communications van.
Comm. 63   Comm. 24

Inside our OASIS trailer.

Here is the "guts" of our satellite trailer showing power, up and down link, communications radios, telephone distribution, and more.


Inside our communications van.

The goal is to have radios for every public service band to provide inter-operability between agencies. Seen above are radios that receive and transmit from HF to 900 MHz, including aircraft and marine bands. The commercial radios, mostly Motorola Spectras, are programmed with a laptop computer. Below each radio is a DB-25 connector used for connecting the laptop to the radio's programming port.

Southern Region ACS Staff

Grand Prix Fire, 2003

The Wolf Fire

Super Bowl 2003

The Pines Fire

The Williams Fire

Third Annual Interagency Wildland Fire Drill, 2005

OES Communications Demonstration, May 2006

Fourth Annual Interagency Wildland Fire Drill, 2006

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