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Do you need help in finding efficient, reliable, low cost freight transportation?

With the proliferation of motor carriers, freight forwarders and brokers,
how do you find the company that will do the best job for you?

We are interested in learning if there is a need for a service that would provide information to help you select quality transportation service.

Failure by users of transportation services to adequately investigate carriers can lead to loss and damage claims and late deliveries.

Worse yet is the possibility that bad carrier selection can expose you to devastating litigation. Shippers, brokers and others involved in carrier selection can be held liable for damages to the public by carriers they employ unless it can be shown they used reasonable care in carrier selection.

Consider the following scenario:

A transportation broker is in need of a truck to transport a shipment of freight from California to New York. It contacts a carrier it has used before through the carrier's driver. The driver is a person they have dealt with on previous shipments with the carrier. The driver represents that he is still driving for the carrier and the carrier has the required insurance. The shipment is loaded on the driver's truck and, not far from the loading point, is involved in an accident involving a fatality to an innocent motorist.

The estate of the deceased motorist sues the shipper, broker, carrier, and driver. It turns out the driver misrepresented his affiliation with the carrier, and the carrier the broker thought it had hired was no longer in business. The driver had no operating authority of his own to perform the transportation and had no insurance.

The broker, which has no responsibility for the accident, must go through the time and expense of defending itself and may be held liable for failure to take adequate care in the selection of the carrier.

Would it be useful to have a source of information to help make informed carrier selection?

Please let us know.

Let us know what sources you currently use and what information you find most useful. What information would you like to have that is now hard to find?


Please let us hear from you and let us know your thoughts.